I can quickly summarize this movie in three words, a dash and a letter: B-movie horror fest.

I commend Universal for attempting to rejuvenate it’s properties, or at least in a proper way.  After the suckfest that was Van Helsing, I’m sure they needed to go back to basics in terms of what they should do in properly bringing characters like the Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc., back to the big screen.  Thus, after much delay, Universal finally released the Wolfman, and while it’s far from perfect, it’s a step in the right direction.

The most basic problems just come from the film itself: generic horror plot, shoddy acting with equally shoddy dialogue, and action sequences that occasionally are cut far too much to make sense.  Then again, what horror movie requires more than just those small requirements?  I know, I’m asking for far too much, but then again, there are exceptions.  The Wolfman is an exception, in the sense that it’s a popcorn movie, not a terribly good one, but popcorn nonetheless.

Though, I suppose avoid the popcorn.  There are ample amounts of gore and viscera throughout that may upset those with weak stomachs.  This movie definitely earned its R rating.

If there is one thing I’d like to highlight real quick (yes, I know it’s short, but I’m not sure how many different ways I can use “generic” in a 5-7 paragraph review), it’s the use of CGI in assisting with the wolfman transformation.  It’s acceptable, though not perfect.  I like the lead in to it: instead of just making it completely generic, the filmmakers wisely allowed del Toro to act through those sequences until the CGI completely took over.  He is quite a good actor: his facial expressions and body movements definitely show someone in pain when going through a physical transformation like his character did in the movie.  Kudos to him for being able to do that.

Still, it is B-movie horror fest with the Wolfman.  Horror fans and fans of the classic Universal monsters will delight in this.  Everyone else, like me, will probably proceed with caution.


On a lighter note, a friend on Facebook found this random story about a Twilight fan who took offense to Universal “ripping” off the werewolf from New Moon.  Extremely hilarious.  Take a look at the comments along the way: another Twilight fan suggests that Universal isn’t completely ripping Twilight off because the wolves are in fact shapeshifters.  Disturbing times indeed.