Brief review, cause I’m behind and overwhelmed right now.

Vincere is an Italian film about the unknown wife of Benito Mussolini, Ida Dalser.  Obsessed with Mussolini before he became the fascist dictator, Dalser was eventually committed to a mental institution when she refused to say that she lied about being married to Mussolini and having a son born from him.  More historical drama, as history has a tendency to erase and rewrite itself, depending on who you have in power (just ask the Russians during Lenin and Stalin), but incredibly powerful.  The movie acts at time as a propaganda piece, interspersed with footage of Italy during the first World War, up until the start of the second World War.  It’s Giovanna Mezzogiorno that drives the movie as Ida Dalser, displaying her obsession with Mussolini while trying to convince everyone that she is married to him, eventually failing and dying in a mental ward.  Completely captivating and well worth seeing.

Vincere means “win”, by the way.  Something to consider with Mussolini in general.