Given that Despicable Me is on its fourth weekend now, I’ll make this quick (simply because whoever has already seen it will have saw it, those that won’t, well hopefully they will, but I’m sure minds have already been made up).

But, I will say see this.  In terms of computer animated films, it isn’t the best (both in story telling and in animation), but it was a delightful surprise.  The story itself is engaging enough and rather heartwarming (with Gru being changed by the girls he adopts), and some of the ideas involved with how the super villains operate is quite entertaining as well (though how they live out in the open as much as they do is beyond me).  There’s a little too much in the way of scatological humor, but a lot of the slapstick humor and the dialogue is quite funny at times.  The voice work was excellent, especially with Carell and Segel.  Without the credits, I wouldn’t have known that they had voiced Gru and Vector.  The animation was better than expected though.  For a CGI-film, the budget was on the low end (I think I saw roughly $70 million, which put it in the vein of early Pixar and the first Shrek, for comparison).  Not everything is perfect – some of the character models are somewhat low rate, and the hair on just about every character moves in one collective bunch – but it works well enough.

All in all, a better than expected start for Universal in the CGI game.  Welcome to the crowded field guys.