I have to say, Salt was much better than it should have been.

Oh sure, judging from the trailer, you could see the insanity of the plot coming. Salt is a CIA operative who is accused of being a Russian spy. Cue chase through… actually, I’m not even sure where this movie begins. It does end up in New York City before wrapping up (or not) in Washington, DC, with Cold War/nuclear weapon potential annihilation. The twists and turns come quite often, and the movie, at least until the end, refrains from being predicable.

Actually, the plot more or less holds up. Thinking back, I really couldn’t see any blindingly obvious plot holes akin to other spy type/conspiracy movies (the worst offender was Eagle Eye, which was both too preposterous and too serious in its story telling). I’m sure there were plot holes (and I’m sure they were huge too).  And yes, the plot is serious, but it’s believable to a certain point and maintains that aura of manic glee that occurs when everyone is chasing Salt (probably the reason why I didn’t catch any of those glaring plot holes).

Granted, it’s not the plot you’re here for. It’s the action, and the film provides it in spades. And it’s quite good too. It’s much like the Bourne series, where you can honestly believe that a man like Jason Bourne exists, trained to be a lethal as possible and being able to maneuver through just about anything. Evelyn Salt exists in much the same vein: very lethal, quick on her feet, exceedingly tough. She’s a bad ass in disguise. Credit Jolie for still being able to maintain the physicality that this role demands.

Definitely an unexpected surprise in the late summer season.  Check it out.