Interesting and often haunting documentary of an incomplete Nazi propaganda film, called the Ghetto, which sought to emphasize the difference between the rich Jew and the poor Jew.  An unknown fourth reel was discovered, filled with various outtakes of particular situations (a funeral procession, a diner scene, etc) that proved that the film was fake.  Apparently this was used as actual truth for a long time.  Survivors of the Warsaw ghetto were brought in to watch this film, showing their various reactions of seeing people they knew, but also their reactions of the Jews slowly deteriorating away into nothing, often just dying on the streets – with the Nazi film makers telling the people to just walk by without acknowledging the dead.  The final reel shows a mass burial grave, with both Jews and the Nazi film makers getting into the graves to pull the bodies down and to film everything that’s happening.  All of it is very disturbing, and just adds to the overall effect of the Nazi propaganda machine.