Actually, mixing the trailer with the Avatar trailer music does make this slightly better.  But only slightly.

I said previously – or in the second to last tweet here – that I wouldn’t make a review for this.  I decided to just keep the tweets and place them here, instead of losing them from future Twitter deletions (I’m still missing nearly 4000 tweets, and I’ve made two requests so far to get them back).  Along the way, I may make some additional comments.  Original tweets will be quoted.

“For now, let’s get on with the Last Airbender. I’m in serious need of ripping things apart, and this will have to do.” – This is what boredom does.  Also, unintentional/very intentional masochism.

“So, twitter friends, prepare for a fun night.”

“Wow… these kids… the acting… and I’m only five minutes in. This will be a long 105 minutes.” – Yes, things deteriorated quickly.  The doe eyes, the constant agape mouths, just… it was bad.  And that was before Aang made it onto the screen and made things even worse.

“Ten minutes in: complete ridiculousness.” – See?

“In all honesty, making the Last Airbender movie is possible. You just can’t be M. Night Shamylanamamamananananan.” – I couldn’t be bothered to spell his name.  But yes, it’s possible to make an Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.  Shyamalan just sucked the soul right out of it.

“Ah! Aasif Mandvi is in this movie! And he’s affected by everyone else!” – He was.

“Um… shouldn’t the earthbenders not be locked up in a prison of, well, earth?” – Glaring, glaring problem, but I’m sure everyone caught onto that little fact.

“Okay, just because you can do an extended take doesn’t mean you’re any good Shamalayananananana. The choreography still sucks.” – This goes with the aforementioned tweet.  Shyamalan decided to run an extended cut, but what was the point?  It looked and felt terrible.

“I’m glad Nicktoons is playing the cartoon series at midnight. I’m not sure if it’ll be enough though.” – It was.

“Actually, the cartoon series probably will. Oh look, more soulless acting!” – It did.

“How does Sokka fall in love with the princess so fast? They’ve been in the city for ten minutes!” – Actually, the cartoon did this too.  I finally watched season one and wondered why two characters were professing their undying love for each other after twenty minutes.  At least it took Aang nearly two seasons to express it out loud.  Actually, now that I think about it, how will Shyamalan write Aang and Katara together, because the actors have absolutely no chemistry on screen together (not that they should, they’re 12 or something).

“God, this relationship is so fake. I hate two hour movie relationships.” – Self explanatory.

“In better news, Aasif Mandvi was killed in the movie for poor acting. And hopefully that’ll be the last bad decision he’ll ever make.” – Eh… actually, I don’t have a retort for that.  Maybe he has and I haven’t found it yet.

“The good: James Newton Howard with the music is stellar as always (why is he always stuck with Shyamalan?), and the CGI is serviceable.” – Despite being overblown at times, yes, Howard does make Shyamalan films almost watchable.  Almost, because seriously, you still can’t.

“The bad: look below. I just spent 105 minutes spelling it out. This really won’t get a review either. Why should it? Terrible: ‘D+'” – Normally I don’t grade movies after viewing them on DVD, though I should.  Anyway, this deserved every bit of its D+.  The truly horrifying thing: Shyamalan’s signed for two sequels.  Ugh.

“The DVD player sounds like it’s about to die. I blame this movie.” – It lives, but barely.