So much fast and furious, I’m beginning to lose track!

I have a confession to make: the first film I saw in this series was Fast Five.  And I can’t remember why I decided to see it too (it was back when it came out with my friend Tiera), other than it got surprisingly good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (around 80% from what I recall) and it just looked fun [1].

And it was great.  Normally I don’t go for dumb cinema like that, but I loved it.  Everything clicked between all the actors, since they’ve been around most of the films (Tokyo Drift being that oddball curiosity [2]), but it’s the stupidly ridiculous set pieces that were the highlight, including the bank heist at the end.  This film was great.

Fast Six… not so much.  It’s still good, it’s still fun, it’s fast and it’s furious.  It just drags a lot though, especially during the middle part of the film where everyone is trying to learn things about the bad guy in the film (Owen Shaw, played by Luke Evans) and why Letty is back and why are our heroes so stupid until the very last set piece in the film (that big plane explosion? yeah, stupid trailers).  The plot twists involving Gina Carano’s character towards the end was either entirely too predictable (Jean’s view) or so poorly laid out (my view) that I doubt a rewatch would reveal anything about that (but holy shit Carano’s just awesome in general: anyone see Haywire? Fan-fucking-tastic).  And some character’s are just wasted: for example; Toretto’s girlfriend from Fast Five, Elena, does nothing in the film and gets shafted at the end.

But no one’s here for plot or anything, right?  Silly people.  You’re here for fast cars, ripped guys, hot women, and shit blowing up.  And there are fast cars, ripped guys, hot women, and shit blowing up so much it’s hard to keep track at how ridiculous it all is.  Car chase through London with racer-inspired getaway vehicles?  An army tank on a Spanish highway with cars being crushed like soda cans?  A midair vaulting rescue (trailer again too)?!  And a fucking final set piece involving a military aircraft?!  Soooo ridiculous.  A lot of the smaller pieces are well filmed too, especially the dual fight scenes with Letty and Reily (does Carano do her own stunts?  Given her MMA background, I don’t see why she shouldn’t) and Roman, Han and Jah.  Kudos to Justin Lin, he knows what he’s doing [3].

It’s great though.  Well, it’s good.  Like I said, it isn’t as good as Fast Five, and could have been thirty minutes shorter.  But it’s Fast and Furious.  You know what you’re paying for.  Just get some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the ride.

[1] The only other one I’ve since seen was the first film, which… I guess some things don’t age well?  I’ll rewatch it at some point though, along with the whole series.

[2] Speaking of which, it looks like they’re finally connecting Tokyo Drift with the rest of the series.  Stick around for the credits.

[3] Justin Lin won’t be back for number seven though.  James Wan is taking over, and I’m not sure how I feel about it in general, given he’s mainly done horror stuff.  I only saw the original Saw film, which was fine, and made great use of a limited budget to tell its story.  I’ll be there next July though.