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The Dude abides.

The Ambler Theater, one of my favorite local theaters, runs a Hollywood Summer Nights series during the summer months, highlighting great films past and present. The big highlight during the summer is the annual Little Lebowski Nite. The night in general is great fun, with a quiz, costume contest, and then the movie.


The quiz was entertaining, as the associate director of the theater, Chris, asked a series of questions based on the film. He asked a broad range of questions in the hope of stumping the audience, but from what I remember last year, he wasn’t that successful. This year though, he got an intern for a few questions, and he got the audience on a couple of freeze-frame moments (one of them being: name a song from the Autobahn album), much to his delight.

The costume contest was a hit, with eight people lined up on stage in various dress. There was only one Dude this year, but there was also a Jesus, a couple of Strangers, Smokey, a Jackie Treehorn, and a Walter. The far and away winner though was Saddam, and his costume was amazing.




After that, the film. This was the second time I’ve seen the film in its entirety (the first time being last year’s Little Lebowski Nite), and it was a lot funnier than I recall it being. I laughed a lot harder than I normally would in a movie theater (well, that seems to have changed in general with some recent stuff like This is the End and Frances Ha). In case anyone has never seen it, it involves an unemployed loser known as the Dude getting involved in a stupidly complex plot involving a kidnapped model wife, a crippled millionare who shares the same name as the Dude (Jeff Lebowski), an avant-garde artist, a trio of nihilists, and a porn producer. Oh, and all the Dude wants is to get his back. It’s all pointlessly absurd, and it’s great.

If anyone is in the Philly area next July, I highly recommend getting tickets for this event. They run “achiever” level tickets for the event, which includes a T-shirt (this year’s design is great) and your choice of a White Russian or sarsaparilla. It’s a fun way to spend an evening at a great theater.


Oh, and just a few Dudes enjoying the film. (Picture from Ambler Theater; pictured: myself, Kim, and dad)


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