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Shutter Island went to number one, with I suppose a better than expected $40.2 million.  This was a career best start for both Leonardo DiCaprio (previous best was Catch Me if You Can) and Martin Scorsese (The Departed).  It was the only wide release of the week, which no doubt added to the strong beginning.  The movie improved from Friday to Saturday, based on estimates, which usually points to a positive box office pattern in the coming weeks.  BOM users rated it at B+, while Rotten Tomatoes users rated it at a very healthy 87%.

As expected, all of last week’s new movies dropped hard.  Percy Jackson had the smallest at 51%, but both Valentine’s Day and Wolfman both collapsed, off 70% and 69% respectively.  Valentine’s Day was expected mainly because of the Valentine’s Day gimmick (and it also did it’s strongest business on Valentine’s Day itself), but Wolfman followed suit as well: it’s best day was also last Sunday.  It actually fell harder in its second weekend than Van Helsing did.

Avatar had a strong hold, down 31% from last weekend and nearing $700 mil.  It’ll probably ellipse it by Sunday at the latest.



Valentine’s Day ended up being number one at the box office, making a ridiculous $52 million in the process ( for full stats).  The good news in this: next weekend, it’ll drop hardcore.  These kind of gimmick movies tend to not survive more than one weekend (the recent Omen, opening on 6/6/06, for example, as well as any recent Friday the 13th movie that opened up, well, on any Friday the 13th).  Box Office Mojo users gave the movie a ‘C’ average overall, while the user rating at Rotten Tomatoes is at 59%, again pretty average.

And no, I have no reason to see this.

The other new releases, Percy Jackson (not writing it all out) and the Wolfman, finished rather close together.  Wolfman will take the harder hit next week and will no doubt take a long time to reach a profit (the listed budget is $150 million).  Percy Jackson, meanwhile, should hold fairly well, given that it’s a kids movie.  Wolfman I will try to see this week, but my list is long and complicated.  This will take precedent over Shutter Island opening this coming weekend.

Also, I mentioned briefly on Twitter that I’ll be seeing Creation this week, probably Tuesday afternoon.  Given the poor performance it had this weekend, I think it won’t last beyond this week downtown.  Creation currently stands at 44% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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